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Prompt Catering Services for Any Event

Let your guests enjoy finely cooked meals with catering services from Alley Cat Restaurant Sports Bar & Catering Service in Alexandria, Virginia. We have a catering menu that includes our popular buffet packages and platters for various occasions, such as:

Birthdays - Anniversaries - Baby Showers - Retirement Parties - Office Gatherings - Corporate Meetings

Catering Based on Your Needs

Let's work together to create a memorable event that's designed just for you. We highly value your satisfaction, which is why we let you customize your menu. Our restaurant is staffed with talented crew and a head chef with many years of experience in cooking, including large-scale hotel catering. With us, you can be sure of a service that meets both your specifications and budget. Click here to view our catering menu.

For Events of All Sizes

We can handle your catering needs, no matter the scale of your event. In fact, we can serve delicious, hot food for smaller groups of just 10 people to as many as 400 guests. You have the choice to hold the event in your preferred location or in our restaurant. Our sports bar also serves as the official meeting place for Steel City Mafia, a fan club of football team Pittsburgh Steelers™, throughout the football season.

A Spacious Venue

Our restaurant has a private dining room that can accommodate 35-40 people. Our main dining room, on the other hand, can hold up to 120 guests. If you need a DJ and dance floor, then our private special event room is your best choice as this area accommodates 80 people.

Beer and Food

Additional Information

We're proud to own one of the largest kitchens in the area. Guests won't have to worry about parking, as we have a wide private lot. We also accept pickup  orders for your convenience.

Catering Services

Catering for your special moments

Celebrate life with Alley Cot Restaurant/ Lounge and Catering Services at our facility or at yours, for events from corporate meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, retirement parties to casual family reunions.

Give us a coll for a free catering quote and we will help you plan your event.

For deliveries or pick ups

Italian buffet: $13

Sicilian meatballs with pomodore sauce
Choice of pasta: penne or linguini
Grilled vegetables
Garlic bread

Fajita Fiesta buffet: $14

Hand-car ved grilled lime chicken
Roasted peppers and onions
Spanish rice
Soft flour tortillas and condiments

All American cold cut buffet: $14

Roast beef, turkey and ham
Potato salad
Assorted cheeses
Assorted breads
Lettuce, tomato,onion and pickles

Greek Island buffet: $15

Sliced grilled marinated beef
Basmati rice
Greek salad and assorted breads

Kid's buffet: $8

Mini sliders
Hot dogs
Mac and cheese or French fries

Simply BBQ buffet: $13

BBQ pulled pork
BBQ baked beans
Cole slaw
Bread and condiments

Marrakech buffet: $13

Roasted olive chicken
Turmeric rice
Vegetable sharmoula
Marrakech salad

We believe that catering shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. We will help you create your own menus, if you ore craving moreoptions.  We will help you customize meals that fit your needs.

Catering Platte s and Extras

Full vegetable platter (for 45ppl): $79.00

Half vegetable platter: $ 40.00

100 flavored wings platter: $149.00

50 wings and 25 ribs pieces: $120.00 Full sausage and cheese platter(for 4Spp l): $119.00

Full cookies and brownies platter (for 4Sppl): $109.00

Half cookies and brownies platter: $55.00

Full seasonal fruit platter(for 4Sppl): $109.00

Half seasonal fruit platter: $55.00

Fruit cobber peach or black cherries (for 18ppl): $38.00